Choosing An Online TEFL Certificate For Teaching in Japan

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As the rat race gets harrier and harrier many are looking for a exit… Something different… really anything at all to get lose from the grind.Many are completely disallusioned by the daily grind of getting up at 6 p.m. and returning home at  7p.m.  stuff they’re ready to scream. Often teaching English in Japan or in Asia in general is painted as cure-all for many who apply for programs whether they are bored housewives or executives in search of stress relief and have had it with the rat race.

Starting your teaching career by teaching English in Japan is no longer a secret. Almost all graduates know about this popular and well traveled road into a unique and fun career. The problem now is that the market is getting glutted as competition for jobs escalates. Long gone are the days when anyone with zero experience could land a job in a day or two.

With this new reality setting in, online TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) courses are growing rapidly in popularity for good reason. Firstly, they give you a significant advantage over others without any teaching experience, they are relatively cheap, very easy to enroll in and can be completed from anywhere on the globe at your own pace.

Some things you might want to ask yourself before  choosing an online TEFL course are:

1). How well known is the program? (Well known programs like i-toi’s online TEFL course help you find work faster.

2. Does the TEFL certification program have tutors? (When you have a pile of important questions, it’s mighty hand to be able to get a quick answer.)

3. Does the TEFL certification course have a video component? (Actually seeing first hand how some of ESL techniques are done in the classroom really cuts down the learning curve.

Although online TEFL certificates don’t have the knock down power of a full-blown CELTA
degree, they also don’t have the hefty price tag and the location and time restrictions. They can definitely give you an advantage over your competition for working in Japan and at a reasonable price – especially if you’re just starting your teaching career.


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